Shadmir Baig

Shadmir Baig

FCCA, MSc, BSc(Hons) - Partner

Shadmir Baig, a distinguished Partner at Nichols Medical Accountants, has been a cornerstone of the firm since 2011. His broad expertise in tax and accounting matters, coupled with a flair for advising on tax-efficient structures, makes him an invaluable asset. His client base is diverse, encompassing individuals, owner-managed businesses, and international trading groups, all benefiting from his strategic insights.

With a particular focus on the healthcare and legal sectors, Shadmir adeptly manages a portfolio of clients in these areas. His proficiency extends to cloud accounting, supporting start-ups, advising non-residents, and handling trusts, showcasing his versatile skill set. Shadmir’s approach to client relationships is both personal and transparent, simplifying complex issues for easy comprehension.

Beyond his client-facing role, Shadmir is instrumental in the operational aspects of Nichols Medical Accountants. His responsibilities span staff development, recruitment, marketing, IT, data protection, and forecasting and budgeting. His multifaceted involvement is pivotal to the firm’s day-to-day success and long-term strategic direction.

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