Sally Mao

Sally Mao - Powershot

Sally Mao

FCCA - Accountant

Sally Mao, a pivotal member of Nichols Medical Accountants for over five years, stands as our beacon of expertise in the medical industry. Her profound background in the medical sector uniquely positions her to adeptly manage the needs of our diverse clientele.

In her role, Sally specialises in managing accounts, taxation, and pensions specifically for GP partnerships, medical practitioners, and medical companies. She remains constantly abreast of the latest accounting and financial developments impacting the healthcare industry, ensuring her advice and strategies are both current and effective.

Sally’s passion lies at the intersection of numeracy and client relations, making her an ideal fit for her position. She is committed to offering ongoing support to her clients, actively addressing challenges, and crafting tailored solutions.

Sally values the diverse nature of her responsibilities at Nichols Medical Accountants and cherishes the positive feedback she consistently receives from those she assists, further fuelling her dedication to excellence in the field of medical accounting.

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