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Poonam Ram


Poonam Ram, a master’s degree holder in commerce, joined Nichols Medical Accountants with a strong academic background and has since become a vital member of our team. Her journey with us saw her achieve the ACCA qualification, a milestone she regards as one of her proudest.

In her role at Nichols Medical Accountants, Poonam is dedicated to the meticulous preparation of company accounts and personal tax returns, with a particular focus on our clients in the medical sector. Her proficiency in working with numbers and deciphering complex financial data is invaluable. Her analytical prowess and meticulous attention to detail ensure the technical accuracy and reliability of her work.

Poonam’s philosophy is centred around the joy of working in a field one loves, and she finds this joy in accounting. She thrives in all facets of her role, from managing taxes to navigating medical legislation.

Above all, Poonam is passionate about delivering exceptional service to our clients, contributing significantly to the smooth financial operations of their medical practices.

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