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NHS Pensions for Salaried GPs

What is a Type 2 Form?

The Type 2 Form is the form that NHS Pensions use to ensure that salaried GPs have paid the correct pension contributions across all their salaried GP and other practitioner roles.

It is actually a legal requirement of the NHS Pension Scheme!

Do I need to complete a Type 2 Form?

The short answer is yes, you do if you are:

  • A salaried GP employed by a GP surgery.
  • A long-term fee-based/self-employed GP who works for a GP surgery.
  • A GP who works solely for an out of hours provider on an employed or self-employed basis.

Essentially, if you are not a GP principal or solely a locum, you are likely to be a Type 2 GP.

What happens if I do not complete a Type 2 Form each year?

If the form is not completed your pension record may not be updated.

If I have never completed a Type 2 Form do I need to worry?

Many salaried GPs are unaware of these forms, and if that applies to you then, yes – you should be worried.

Fortunately, BMA Pensions have negotiated an amnesty with NHS England and NHS Pensions. NHS Pensions have created a new form which allows salaried GPs to submit Type 2 forms back to 2009/10 when the requirements began.

How can we help?

We have a great medical team who are experienced in the completion of Type 2 and other NHS pension forms.

We can assist and guide you through the relevant regulations and help ensure that your NHS pension record is updated properly. This should ensure you receive your full pension on retirement.

We usually complete this work on a fixed fee basis which is agreed with you in advance.


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What our clients say…

Dr C DeSouza, Salaried GP

I am a GP who works both in salaried and sessional roles. I have been with Nichols & Co for nearly three years. They have helped with my tax returns and can help with the range of different forms required in GP work. Danny and Shadmir have been accurate and efficient in their advice and guidance throughout. They have also been helpful and responsive when I have needed advice on the purchase of a car and also when looking to prove my income in order to get a mortgage. The system for providing income details and expenses is very easy to use and the summary they provide of how and when to pay your tax could not be clearer. I would recommend Nichols & Co to any colleague looking for an accountant with a good knowledge of GP work. 

Dr PS, Salaried GP

I have employed the services of Nichols and Co accountants since 2016 and I have found their services to be second-to-none.

Mr Shadmir Baig has been my accountant since 2016 and his expertise and timely assessments have really helped in tackling tax matters and my anxieties around them. The advice I have received is always accurate, simple to follow and the response time is simply excellent!

I have always been able to access services rapidly. The firm has an extremely organised reminder system so that deadlines are not breached and for someone juggling a busy job and parenthood this is a huge help. The firm exceeds itself when it comes to friendly and accurate advice. The staff are always extremely helpful.

I am absolutely thrilled with their services and would not hesitate at all to recommend this firm to friends and colleagues.

Dr Helen Butler, Salaried GP

As a newly-qualified, portfolio GP with lots of different workstreams, the prospect of a self-assessment tax return was rather overwhelming! Debra immediately put me at ease at our initial meeting. 5 years on, Debra and the team continue to make the whole process so simple and are always friendly and approachable. I have recommended Debra to many colleagues over the years. A fantastic service. Thanks Debra!

Dr Emma Agyekum, Salaried GP

I am a salaried GP who owns a rental property and locums and Nichols have looked after all aspects of my taxation for several years. They have provided me with valuable advice for which I am extremely grateful and respond to queries competently, thoroughly and efficiently. They have taken the time to educate me on various financial matters which makes filing my self assessment tax return almost effortless. I am always impressed by how speedily they respond to my emails and submit tax returns which enables me to better plan for the financial year ahead. I would confidently recommend their professional, efficient, friendly and reliable service to anyone.