We have a team of staff who have regular training in medical accounts, so our clients are not reliant on one member of staff.

Inexperienced accountants are likely to:

– miscalculate trade debtors, this can lead to Inland Revenue enquiries or income being allocated to the wrong partners. We are experienced in the medical field and know how to calculate debtors correctly and how to make sure it is allocated to the correct partner.

-treat pension contributions incorrectly, resulting in wrong tax relief

-incorrect completion of pension certificates, resulting in adverse affect on final pension payments

-incorrectly allocate profits, particulary the employers national insurance contributions, this can be particularly difficult when one partner has left the NHS pension scheme.

-miscalculate national insurance where there is a mix of employed and self employed income.

Through our work with many medical professionals we have developed the knowledge and experience of making sure our clients pay the tax they need to, but no more.