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Working for the NHS or in the private sector as a Hospital Doctor can be stressful enough without worries about your taxation, pensions and financial affairs as well. We can help you to keep your finances fit and your pension healthy.

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Tax Enquiry Protection for Doctors

HMRC have got all medics in their sights!

HMRC generally consider doctors to be a high risk occupation in terms of missing tax income. They focus on limited companies and carefully check compliance with the ‘off –payroll’ working rules IR 35.

They are concerned by the use of ‘Contractor Loan’ schemes and scrutinise carefully business expense claims after tax cases such as ‘Samadian’. HMRC are also now trying to assess doctors for VAT.

Even if HMRC find nothing due, there are still costs you would need to pay

If the HMRC launches an investigation into your tax affairs then even if the end result is that no extra tax is payable, there will still be significant additional costs to meet. Just responding to the enquiries takes time and expertise

How can I protect myself against a tax investigation?

We recommend that all our medical clients take up our Tax Inquiry Protection insurance.

This insurance takes care of the cost of a tax investigations by meeting the professional fees which are incurred in any tax investigation.

If you have a tax investigation, we will deal with the matter from the initial enquiry through to resolution and ensure that the outcome is as favourable as possible.

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Are you in danger of being hit with a huge tax bill on your pension growth? Our NHS Pension Review Service can provide an advance warning of impending pension issues.

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HMRC have increasingly got GPs in their sights and many Practices have been subject to lengthy tax investigations. Make sure you’re covered with our annual insurance scheme.

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What our clients say…

Mr Muhammed Siddiqui, Hospital Doctor

As a trainee I was very unaware of the tax system when starting work. I was pursuing surgery and it resulted in paying for a lot of courses and locuming to support my journey. The tax system was very complicated and when I went to see Debra as I really had no idea how to start sorting out my tax affairs including correcting tax codes and what the locuming income meant for my current PAYE system and also how I could maximise my tax free amount with subscriptions.
I cannot thank them enough for helping. They really listened to my concerns and needs. I had never thought of getting an accountant until then and had never thought of stopping except for the fairness that Nichols and Co have dealt with me. They’ve taken me to a place where I am now beginning to do my own tax returns resulting in independence. Their ethical approach towards me has resulted in recommending my sister and other colleagues to seek their help. My emails are always answered quickly and appropriately. They are and, in particular, Debra truly exceptional accountants.