Pension Planning

What’s your pension up to?

As a Consultant you will be a member of the NHS Superannuation Scheme.  Do you know what the scheme will give you when you eventually retire?

Pension planning is almost always left until a few years before retirement.  That’s partly down to complexity.  Try retirement planning alone and you’ll find it isn’t just the time needed that defeats you.  Terminology, methods of calculation and benefit options are often impenetrable.


The Limits of NHS Information

The UK NHS Pensions Agencies will only give you figures up to the last confirmed pensionable earnings.

Information from the NHS is focused on benefits only payable through the NHS and this is often not the full picture.

Many GP’s make additional pension contributions through ‘Added Years’ Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC’s) or to external Free Standing arrangements.  You could contribute to a Personal Pension plan or a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP).

If you want to make the right choices about your own future, you need the most complete information.  We can help you to work out both what you want as a pension and what you would actually need as a minimum income.

We can also help you with the challenging task of keeping track of what you currently have, what is it worth right now and what it may be worth in the future.


How Does it Work?

We work with specialists in NHS pensions.  We would suggest you meet our specialist to discuss the detail.

You’ll sign mandates that allow our specialist to talk with pension providers and to obtain all other relevant information.