Expense Claims in the Early Years

Our hospital doctor clients will have trained over several year.  During this time it is common to have never completed a tax return and to have never claimed a tax rebate in respect of professional fees and subscriptions.  Often a doctor will have paid subscriptions to the GMC, the BMA and to a professional indemnity insurer over several years.

Depending on individual circumstances, a significant tax rebate is often due.  It is possible to make a tax rebate claim up to four years in arrears. 

How We Can Help

We help by advising the doctor what professional expenses are tax deductible and advising the best way to claim the tax rebate.

Practical Difficulties

The practical difficulty with making these claims is that the doctor may not have details of the professional fees or subscriptions paid over the past four years.  The doctor may also not have details of their income over these years.  We can assist in getting round these difficulties and helping you make a claim even if you do not have all the information strictly necessary.