Personal Expenses

Being self-employed, GP principals are able to claim business expenses and set these off against their trading profits.  This will reduce your tax bill.

Allowable Expenses

Tax law says that an expense is deductible for tax if it is incurred ‘wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the trade or profession’.  If an expense is incurred for more than one purpose, i.e. business as well as personal use, a deduction for any identifiable proportion of the expense which is incurred ‘wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the trade’ is allowable.  We have set out some of the types of expenditure that may be allowable. It should not be seen as an exhaustive list. What is allowable depends on the facts in each case.

Professional Subscriptions


These are the subscription costs we help our clients claim a deduction for on a regular basis.

An annual subscription to a body shown in the list approved by HMRC is allowable where either the subscription is paid by a self-employed individual or paid by an employee and the activities of the body are directly relevant to the self-employment or employment.

Use this link to access the full list

Motor Expenses

Motor expenses can be claimed on a car assuming it is used for the purposes of business.  The expenses have to be apportioned so that only the percentage incurred ‘wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the trade’ are allowed.

Use of Your Home as Your Office

 If you carry out work related to your practice from your home, you will be able to claim a tax deduction to cover the additional costs of working from home.  There are several ways to claim.  Some accountants use a fixed amount per week, while others calculate a claim using a percentage of the actual running costs of the home.

Many clients think that if they make this claim, there will be a capital gains tax implication when they sell their home. This will not be the case as long as no part of the house is used exclusively for business purposes.

Other Expenses

Many other types of expenses can be claimed by GP’s. We provide our GP clients with detailed checklists and advice to ensure that all allowable expenses are claimed.

Record Keeping

 Everyone finds keeping business records a chore.  However, we find that compiling your business records as quickly as possible after the year end is the best way of making sure that a claim for tax deduction is accurate and as high as possible.

 If you lose a business receipt, it may still be possible to make a claim for tax deduction as you may have other evidence of the expense.  However, it may be more difficult to justify a claim and may also mean that the expense is simply forgotten.

How We Can Help

 We can advise clients on:

  • Which expenses are deductible for tax.
  • How to make the relevant claims.

What percentage of a cost can be claimed as a business expense.